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720p (HD) and Full HD (1080P) Prices Digital Restoration (Optional) : Film Stabilization & De-Flicker Reparation and Cleaning are always included

8mm, Super8 and 9.5 mm Film Transfer

Family Movie is based in Paris (France). We digitise 8mm (Regular8/Normal8), Super8 and 9.5mm HD (720p50) films. We only sell what we have produced ourselves.

Our method is particularly hands-on. Each film is processed by three people who each contribute to improving the digitalised result. We use a Flashscan HD scanner by German brand MWA. By digitalising Super8 into HD we can reproduce the full original image width. This cannot be done using SD because Super8 is larger than the 4/3 format.
Our prices are based per reel according to length.
Our best rates are for reels of 120m and longer.
We can deliver compressed HD digital files in H264 with a MOV or MP4 container. You need only to include an external hard drive with your order.
We can send your orders anywhere in the world using our UPS account.

Image/Film Stabilization

We offer a very useful stabilisation option. This is used to correct any mechanical flaws the camera may have had when filming. Generally, each Regular8 and Super8 image is slightly misaligned with the previous and following images and this can cause a slight shake when viewing. Some films are more flawed than others. Stabilisation is achieved once the film is digitised and generates a second version. We can therefore check how effective it is. If you choose this option, we will supply a before/after comparison using a sequence of your film to show how much has been corrected.
The maximum loss of image is 3%. Given that the scanner covers an area larger than your projector you will not notice a difference with the image that you know.

Pricing and Rates

  • Price per reel according to length for 8mm, Super8 & 9.5mm films
  • Prices with VAT (20%), applicable from January 1st, 2013.
  • Minimum Order : 120 meters / 400 feet
Reel Length in Meters / Feet
ProRes HQ
15 m / 50 ft 16 euros 26 euros
30 m / 100 ft 32 euros 51 euros
45 m / 150 ft 40 euros 65 euros
60 m / 200 ft 44 euros 70 euros
75 m / 250 ft 55 euros 89 euros
90 m / 300 ft 66 euros 108 euros
120 m / 400 ft 77 euros 124 euros
135 m / 450 ft 88 euros 140 euros
150 m / 500 ft 96 euros 155 euros
180 m / 600 ft 115 euros 186 euros
240 m / 800 ft 154 euros 248 euros


Average Time

  • During the Year : 15-20 Days
  • Longest Delay : 8 Weeks
  • Busy Times : November to May
  • Off-Peak Period : June to September

The time depends on the current workload and volume of your order. We refuse to work in an emergency.

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